A SlimApp is a hybrid mobile application created to leverage the investment of an existing website.

Create a SlimApp from an existing website

$ 199,00

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Consulting Project. The service includes:

  • Basic mobile app, integrated with an existing website.
  • Production-ready source code+
  • 4 development hours
  • Unlimited support tickets for 1 month

For starters, all advanced mobile applications require a web service (a REST API) to retrieve and submit information to a server. Still, many sites only need a basic application to provide a convenient information service, based on an existing website. To answer this premise, we have created SlimApps!

Push Notifications Pack
AcyMailing and AcySMS integration, powered by a service such as: Firebase, Kumulos, Carnival, Urban Airship, or Push Woosh.

$ 399,00

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JomSocial Integration Pack
JomSocial website + Push Notifications.

$ 549,00

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JoomGap SlimApp - JoomGap

JoomGap SlimApp - Extly Home

JoomGap SlimApp - Downloads

How to create a SlimApp

In the simplest case, a mobile application can open a browser window to a website. Thus, a slim mobile app can visit a defined page in a site. The mobile landing page must have a responsive and mobile-friendly design; it can be the general home page or a specific page for mobile navigation. In the examples shown above, these demo apps are visiting the home page or the download page of a site. The navigation of the site is respected, and the user must log in to access restricted areas.

Even in this simplified model, features like Push Notifications or media management are available to fulfil project requirements.

Create a SlimApp from an existing website - Contact Us

Resources required to create a SlimApp

  • Link to the mobile landing page
  • Android icon and splash images
  • iOS icon and splash images
  • Windows phone icon and splash images


  • PhoneGap project to create a mobile app
  • PhoneGap Build Account to build a mobile app
  • Github repository, configured for the project


  • The service does not include publishing the app to stores.