This year, we are introducing the concept of JoomGap SlimApps, a new way to develop mobile apps for responsive sites. In the past, we received several enquiries about how to show a website in a mobile app. SlimApps are our response.

In 2016, we have been mainly focused on the development of mobile apps powered by PhoneGap, Angular, Ionic and JoomGap SDK. These apps follow the traditional model of a local client that connects to a site via web services, a REST API. In this line of development, a project must implement an API to integrate a mobile app.

On the other hand, mobile browsers are currently providing a user experience on par with a desktop navigation, creating a whole new category of mobile apps. Following this trend, we have developed the concept of JoomGap SlimApps. JoomGap SlimApps answer the general question of how creating a mobile app for an existing website, extended with packages such us with JomSocial, JReviews, PayPlans, EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and SobiPro.

The year of JoomGap Slim Apps

How to create a SlimApp

In the simplest case, a mobile application can open a browser window to a website. Thus, a slim mobile app can visit a defined page in a site. The mobile landing page must have a responsive and mobile-friendly design; it can be the general home page or a specific page for mobile navigation. In the examples shown above, these demo apps are visiting the home page or the download page of a site. The navigation of the site is respected, and the user must log in to access restricted areas.

Even in this simplified model, features like Push Notifications or media management are available to fulfil project requirements.

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