Looking for development of web and mobile HTML5 applications solutions

  • We build web-based and mobile applications, web services and management systems.
  • Beyond development tools, starters and production-ready apps, we offer consulting services and development support for our technology toolbox: Javascript, HTML5, PHP, Joomla! CMS, AngularJS, LESS, Sass, Bootstrap, Apache Cordova, PhoneGap and PhoneGap build, Ionic Framework and Linux.
  • In our consulting projects, we offer development of hybrid applications for iOS and Android Platform.
  • If you are looking for consulting services for managed projects, please contact us to define a scope and a specific solution to your requirements.

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Alternatives to create a hybrid mobile app

According to our experience, there are common patterns to build a mobile app. Please, check the following options to shape your mobile app:

Android, Apple iOS or others.
Device types
Phone or tablet
Portrait or landscape.
Number of pages
Every page is a single app, integrated with Joomla! CMS via a general API.
Control types
Standard or custom control types.
Login (token), Social login, Device storage, API integration (public, authenticated, read / write endpoints) or others.
Device features
Contacts, Calendar, Clipboard, Printing, Device motion and orientation or others.
Media features
Barcode / qrcode, Camera capture/roll, Audio / video capture, gallery, Filesystem or others.
Push Notifications, Email from device, File download / upload, SMS, In App browse, Bluetooth or others.
Geolocation, maps or others.
Sharing, Facebook / Twitter / Instagram integration or others.
Splash, Icon or others.
Store deployment or Internal distribution.
In app-payments, Admob, iAd, Facebook ads or others.