JG Simple Library - A Technical Description

Bare bones library to connect a JoomGap starter with Joomla!.

JGSimple is the simplest AngularJS module to connect with a web resource, powered by Joomla! CMS.

Once the module is instantiated and loaded, it offers a promise to connect with an entry point.

q = JgSimpleResource.get(url, params).$promise;

q.then(function(response) {
    if ( (response) && (response.success) ) {

To check how it works in a real mobile app, please, visit the JED Starter.

function query(params) {
  var waitForData = $q.defer();
  var url, q;

  url = 'http://appscdn.joomla.org/webapps/index.php?format=json&option=com_apps&view=dashboard&product=Sm9vbWxhIQ==&release=My40&dev_level=NA==&list=grid&pv=MS4wLjU=';
  q = JgSimpleResource.get(url, params).$promise;

  q.then(function (response) {

    if ((response) && (response.success)) {
    } else {
      // No data, just return

  }).catch(function () {
    // No data, just return

  return waitForData.promise;

  • In development mode (desktop setup), API Urls are called via JSONP technique. Additionally, a new parameter has been added to configure the resource parameters.

JSONP (or JSON with Padding) is a technique used by web developers to overcome the cross-domain restrictions imposed by browsers to allow data to be retrieved from systems other than the one the page was served by.

-- Wikipedia

  • In production mode, when there are no CORS restrictions, API Urls are called via POST call and regular a JSON protocol.

The code is available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.

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