How to update and handy commands

This is our laundry list of command and tips we frequently visit to update or manage our apps powered by PhoneGap, AngularJS and Ionic framework.

Ionic Commands

Ionic CLI Installation

npm install -g cordova
npm install -g ionic

Ionic Library Update

ionic lib update   

Ionic App local server start

ionic serve


Gulp Installation

npm install --global gulp
npm install --global gulp-cli
npm install --global gulp-util
npm install --global gulp-concat
npm install --global gulp-sass
npm install --global gulp-minify-css
npm install --global gulp-rename
npm install --global shelljs

Gulp Project Installation

gulp install

Ionic styles sheet update from Sass definitions



Bower CLI Installation

npm install -g bower    

JavaScript Library Updates

bower install angular
bower install angular-animate
bower install angular-sanitize
bower install angular-resource
bower install ngCordova    

ngCordova Library Update

bower update ngCordova

AngularJS Library Update

bower update angular    

Unit Testing

Driven by Jasmine and Karma

npm install karma --save-dev
npm install karma-jasmine --save-dev
bower install angular-mocks#1.4.3 --save-dev

npm install -g karma-cli

npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt

Ionic - Manual

Ionic 2 / Beta - Manual